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Er...Happy Fourth of July? =\

Well, we can't flush the toilet or use any water because we're draining the tank. Isn't that just lovely. Looks like I won't be taking any showers in the near future. =\

*yawn* I just got up. Maybe I'll go back to sleep, or finish writing that letter to Raymond. =) *glee!* He is so smart, and talented, and selfless, and kind, and amazing, and sweet, and wonderful, and beautiful! =D I'll have to put up a picture or two of him so everyone can get an eyeful of "WOW!". XD

Hmm...I'm surprised. It's been three days here, and I haven't seen CJ (Craig Junior!) or Brooke, yet. They are my younger cousins. I think CJ must be 13, now...he and I, while being interested in completely different things, always manage to have a fairly good time. I'm definitely not an outdoors-y type, but he always ends up talking me into going into the woods or rowing out into the pond in a rowboat. Must be something endearing about a short, chubby kid with hair like Eminem, glasses, and an accent that makes the word "bar" sound like "bah".

I might as well use some of that $80 I have to buy a disposable camera and take pictures of my icky, makeupless, self. It'll be more fun than a barrell of vozhds.

Psssht. My stepmom just bitched at me for throwing my TP in the trash instead of in the toilet (the sign on the toilet-seat that read "DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET" couldn't possibly have given the impression that the toilet might have been clogged, could it? Silly me). Honestly, how little of a life does someone have to have to count the wads of TP in the toilet to make sure that everyone who took a piss put their TP in there? Frikkin' A.

I should probably go and eat breakfast, as I haven't done so yet. Funny how the thought of breakfast comes right after talking about used TP. =P Au Reviour.
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AGHHHH! you just put the image of you on the toilet in my head! AGHHHHHH GET IT OUTTTTTT!
Eek! *whack* PERVERT!!!

*laughs* =P
I'm no pervert:(
I know. =P
"It'll be more fun than a barrell of vozhds. "

+5 points just for that.

New England accents annoy the hell out of me... I'm quite glad i don't have one... :P
Hehe...New England accents aren't nearly as bad as Southern accents. Glad I don't have one of those. Then again, where I live, you actually have to go up to get into the deep south.
i am getting really paranoid that i don't have a utah accent (which is indescribably annoying). since i moved to MA ive started saying tomarrah when im not careful...ugh...