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"It's you that I adore..."

Oh man, I feel so bad. I told Raymond yesterday that I'd call him today, but as soon as I got home, my Aunt came to get me to see this play. I just got home, and now it's 10:30, too late to call him. =( I hope he didn't feel like I forgot about him... If he were here right now, I'd probably be hugging him so tight he couldn't breathe and saying "I'm sorry! Please don't think I forgot you!" over and over again. =X I am definitely calling him tomorrow as soon as the clock hits 7:00 pm to explain my absence.

I wish he were here so I could hug him. You know, we haven't really kissed, yet. I mean, he's sort of kissed me a little in the past, but not on the lips...but if the way he's kissed me before is any indication (very softly & gently & nice), I bet he's good at it. But don't tell him I told you. ; )

*blows kisses to Raymond* Sweet dreams, m'love. =)
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