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"Tie your mother to the ground, watch her frown as her face turns blue..."


*le weep*

I called Raymond's house, only to be informed by some stranger that he wasn't home. Eep...*tears up* I miss my Raymond...where is my Raymond? I have that feeling you get right before you start crying over something that feels silly to be crying over. Still, I really miss him. =( How am I supposed to offer him pants-creaming Emily love when he isn't home? Grr...maybe if Liane wasn't talking on the phone for a bajillion years I'd have been able to get ahold of him.

*sighs and mutters*

I want to do something special for him when I get home...any suggestions would be welcome. =D I want it to be something really good. =)

Y*blows a flood of kisses Raymond's way*Y

I'm going to make that a ritual every time I update.
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