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*poke* Ouch! *...poke* OUCH! Stop poking my sunburn, asshole!


I got a sunburn today...='( It doesn't hurt or anything (it isn't really that severe) but I just don't like it. My once wax-doll skin is now a blotchy burn-pink, and it will probably take forever for it to go back the way it was. I hope it does at least before I go home and Raymond sees me looking like a walking bottle of pukey-pink Pepto Bismal. *le weep* Then again, it would be wonderful if Raymond were here to kiss every sore inch of my sunburnt flesh...*ecstatic, shivery sigh*

On a brighter note (no pun intended), I found out today that Jason thinks Logan is useless. Seems John and Curtis do, too. Honestly, I do a better job of keeping an eye on the little rascals than she does, and that's just sad. Hey, maybe they'll realize I'd make the better couselor and give me her paycheck. =P Yes, keep dreaming, Emily...no new clothes for me this year. You see, this is why I have to make trash glamour...glamourous. =P

My grammy took me and my brother to McDonald's for breakfast this morning. =) I had pancakes. I'm beginning to suspect that those pancakes were the reason I came back from here without a waistline last year (I've since hauled-ass to the Wellness Center and got it back, thank goth), so I'd better be cautious. Grammy gave me this really beautiful silver ring with a silvery-onyx stone, so that was neat. I'm getting all kinds of jewelry up here, first the ankh, and now this ring. =P

*rubs aloe on my sunburn*

I think I'll go back to fantasizing about Raymond giving me all those healing kisses. ; )
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