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Well, last night I was cleaning my ear piercings, and I lost one of the little screw-on ball things to one of my barbells, so I had to venture to find new earrings. In my closet, no less. And surprisingly, I found some. I also found this book called Speak, and started reading it. Stupid me, not knowing when to quit, read until I finished it, around 5:00 AM. *yaaaaaaaaaaawn*
So then I went to bed and woke up around 10:30. Not as tired as I thought. =)

Raymond is supposed to call me today, and see if we can go somewhere before I leave. This of course, depends on whether my mom says yes or no, how late it is, the location, whether I'm packed up to leave for tomorrow, et cetera. But if I can go, Raymond told me he'd get me coffee! YES! COFFEE! He knows how to bribe, that's for sure. =P See, Raymond wants me to tell him about Gergely, and I don't really feel comfortable telling him over the phone, due to lack of privacy. I feel kinda guilty at the prospect of loading my burdens onto him (on top of all the other ones he's got on his shoulders), but I doubt he'll just let me off that easy. Hehe...I feel like one of the Anne Rice vampires dictating my life story to David Talbot. =P I feel bad for Amanda, though. =( She, like me, is in love with the idea of love. =) She and I are pretty much in the same boat on a lot of levels, so I think it's better that we're friends and not rivals. Coming together is so much better than being alone with your troubles.

So those are pretty much my plans for the day. Hopefully I get to see Raymond, it would be nice to see him before I had to leave to get my..."sanity tested", as it were. Liane has informed me I get to help her weed the garden when I go up. Oh joy. Actually, I like the idea of gardening, maybe she'll have some more of those darling black pansies this year. =) If she does, I'll be sure to take pictures of them. Oh, and I'm pretty sure she has a digital camera, so yay for that! =D

Hmm...better start packing so I stand some chance of getting to see Raymond tonight (and maybe get COFFEE!). =) I'll probably update on occasion, but don't expect to hear from me too frequently this summer. Andi, I'll email you. If any of my other online brothers and sisters (Sage, Francis, Rayna, etc.), or anyone else, would like me to email them while I'm in Maine, just leave your email address in a comment and I'll be sure to keep in touch with you all. =)
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