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Better than LJ drama

I was looking through some photos from my eighth grade year, when I came across one of this girl Danylle. Ugh.

If ever you had to pick just one person to call a histrionic attention-whore, make it her. This girl spouted more BS than Bush. According to her (remember the BS factor), she had about 10 past boyfriends who died in some way or other. One "got hit by a truck", one got "shot in a school shooting and died in her arms" (funny, you'd think it'd have been on the news), etc, etc. Had to have her stomach pumped a bunch of times, too...she "tried to commit suicide a lot". She ran away because "her foster mom was a bitch" (when asked about it, she said that her foster mom wouldn't let her do stuff like go out past 11:00 PM, call some guy in Liverpool...). Yeah, real good reason to "spend the night sleeping on someone's porch" during the freezing Florida night. Not to mention she claimed to have sex with some different guy every week (oh, but she was in love with them all!). She also said that she'd slept with this guy Adler, and was carrying around the condom wrapper and showing it to anyone who passed by. Adler denied it, and even if he did sleep with her, that's no reason to carry around the condom wrapper and show it to everyone.

Gah. Call me mean for saying all those things, but really. If someone is going to move to your city from someplace else and start telling all these crap stories (especially if, for some reason they were true, wouldn't end up contradicting eachother constantly), you've gotta quit having pity for them at some point.

Here, Danylle. *plays the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin, just for you*
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