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"Hello mother...hello father...I am here at...Camp Granadda..."

So, camp has been okay so far. The kids are fairly well-behaved. It's the counselors *coughLOGANcough* that have been anal to me, lately. I guess Logan has a problem with the way I dress (of course, as irony would have it, this is coming from someone who's shorts look like a handkerchief jammed up her ass). Natalie said she was talking about me right before I arrived this morning. >=( But Natalie told her to piss off. =) Well, in not so many words, of course. ; )

She (Logan) also seems to think it bothers me when she tries to get me to participate in games or activities that I appear to not be involved in. She makes it painfully obvious that she's trying to make me angry (especially when she calls "Your turn, Emily!" when I'm sitting in a corner drawing on the opposite end of the gym), but most of the time I don't really mind doing activities with the kids. She got me to play this game where you jump through a rolling hula-hoop onto a pile of mats, and everyone was cheering me on, so I did it a few times. After I felt like I was going to faint from the rapid rush of blood to my face upon impact after so many times, I decided to sit out my turn. She kept pushing me to take another go at it (even though there was a whole line of kids behind me who hadn't got a chance yet). I was about ready to fist fuck her in the mouth.

Later, she tried to get me to do an obstacle course. I was fine stepping in and out of the line of tires, I weaved around the cones gracefully, I rolled down the pile of mats with ease, and then I came to the tubular-type thing I had to crawl through. It looked too small, but I tried anyway. I actually got through fine...however, my skirt didn't. It must have gotten caught on something in the tube, so I emerged skirtless. Oddly enough, I wasn't the least bit embarrassed...my first thought was "Serves you right for making me run this stupid obstacle course. How do you like your reward, asshole? I hope my white ass blinds you!". Needless to say, I finished the obstacle course without my skirt. XD

At the end of the day, I found this little silver ankh lying in the dirt. I mean, how awesome is that?

Anyway...so I got home and RAYMOND CALLED! =D I miss Raymond so veddy much. I am going to give him so much lovin' when I get home it's not even funny! I'm gonna hug him, and kiiiiiiiiss him, and...and...other sorts of "I'm giving you lots of Emily-love" type things. =) I'm going to make him cream his pants with Emily love! XD

So, yeah. That's today's update, since I have to pee really bad, and then do the dishes, both of which must not be delayed any longer!
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