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"Just Sleep, Somehow..."

Yay! I called Raymond! I guess he called on Thursday and was informed by my stepmom that I wasn't home. And here I was, worried that he'd feel forgotten when he knew the whole time! XD So anyway...we just...talked. =) I guess he's going to have to cut his hair for his job. =\ Man, I love his hair long...but I'm sure he'll be just as pretty with short hair, too. =) I've seen him with shorter hair before, so it probably won't come as much of a shock. =P We were both yawning a lot, and I said that a Raymond pillow would be nice to have...so taking a nap together is among our plans for when I get back. ; ) *squee!* I can't wait! =D
He was also all "Oooooh, aaaaaah" when I told him that I shaved my legs. I think I should wear a really short skirt and sexy high-heels for him one of these days. ; ) He saw Alyssa at the movies, so now Alyssa knows I'm going out with him. She told him that "everyone knew I liked him except him". =P

Grr...why the Hell do people up here seem to think I have an infinite amount of time to do my nails? They keep pushing me to redo them.

"What the fuck? They're forcing you to do your nails?!" - Raymond

*le sigh* ...one thing Raymond told me kind of really upset me, though. I guess he lit up again, and then "quit" again. Said that his body rejects it, but still...he told me he would quit and then did it again. ='( I mean, I'm sure it's incredibly hard to quit smoking, but you shouldn't tell someone you're going to do something if you aren't, especially if that someone really has faith in you to do it. I don't entirely blame him, though. Practically all of his friends smoke, and so far he's been really good about abstaining. So, I don't know. It hurt my feelings, even though he obviously didn't do it to hurt me.

Speaking of feelings, I've been really weepy and emotional, lately. I'm not exactly sure why...most likely, it's just a sign my period is on it's way. That, and the cramps. =P I'm so sleepy...I slept the whole afternoon, and now I wanna go back to bed again. *yawn* I think I will. =)

Y*blows sweet-dreams filled kisses to Raymond*Y Sleep well. =)
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