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Rib-Bone Xylophone

Who decided that the Id was the bad part of the psyche, anyway?

Emily ze Glass Goth
27 December
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Well, lets see...about me...I'm short. The "wee" kind of short, not the short kind of short. People tell me I look pixie-ish.

Lets talk about things I enjoy, shall we? I am a die-hard comic fan, especially comics like Gloomcookie, How Loathesome, Courtney Crumin and the Night Things, Nightmares and Fairytales, among others; my favourite comic artist (as you may or may not have been able to guess) is Ted Naifeh. I also make my own comics involving me in strange senarios such as the time I meet Jesus and he gives me free M&M's for being a good little jew, despite that fact that I no longer follow the jewish faith. My musical taste is pretty wide ranged, but I'm particularly fond of Goth, Industrial, Classical, Opera, Show Tunes, and other sorts of lesser- known "alternative" music. I've always been able to find at least one band I liked from every musical genre, with the exception of pop-punk. Oh yes...I intend to become a director or an actress. That is, if I don't make it as a member of a band. And if that doesn't work, I plan to make Fury Silverware, torture devices that double as eating utensils. Perfect for cannibals! Hannibal Lector would be proud.

As far as making music goes, I hope to someday bring about new sounds to the world. I'm tired of hearing the same old carbon copy bands, same generic sound. Same crap. I want to start something new and über-neat. I don't even know how to play any instruments, but that, my friend, is why the keyboard was invented. Once I get the initial things recorded, I'll probably look for band members. I even have a name for this band...Rib Bone Xylophone.

You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one.
; )

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